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“Art and antiques give richness and depth to a room, and can anchor a contemporary space, says interior designer”, Deborah Fields, an avid collector, who enjoys living among Swedish antiques to contemporary artwork, one of a beach scene with colors so realistic it makes her feel as though she’s in the painting. “Art and antiques, create the mood of space, and they should never have to match in color or theme.” For clients who want a sense of tradition while enjoying modern design, Fields advises mixing old and new art and antiques in one room.

Though many people still shy away from using color in a space, designer Debbie Fields, gently guides her clients to incorporate splashes of vibrant hues in the otherwise stunning, monochromatic spaces she creates. “For example, an all gray room with various shades of pale, middle and charcoal gray will look fresh with a pop of blue, orange, or even red pillows,” says Fields, whose 20 years of experience in real estate and corporate event planning gives her the expertise to blend and balance elegance, drama and style.

Interior designer Deborah Fields reminds her clients that guests gravitate to the kitchen, and she advises them to encourage this natural behavior by incorporating an island so family and friends can gather in comfort. “Use an interesting piece of material for an island,” says Fields, who suggests the unique look of honed granite. For smaller urban kitchens, Fields recommends giving a feeling of open space with white Carrera marble countertops incorporating a short overhang with a few barstools for a casual eat-in kitchen experience.